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Client List

Some of our clients are :

  • M/S Punj Lloyd Ltd (Singapore, Libiya, Yamen, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kazakhistan, Dubai, Ruwais, Jubail)
  • M/S Aedge Technology (Singapore)
  • M/S Aedge Holding (Singapore)
  • M/S Mirador Building (Singapore)
  • M/S Sam Woo Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • M/S Eck Engg (Singapore)
  • M/S Lapiral (Singapore)
  • M/S Sembawang - (UAE) Pte Ltd (Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Libiya)
  • M/S I.O.T.L (Oman, Bahrain)
  • M/S Kastroy (Kazakhistan)
  • M/S Cannell Dowell Sea Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • Punj Delim (Saudi Arabia)

and many more...

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